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24 Sep Gutter Installation Clearwater Florida

Gutter installation & replacement company servicing Clearwater, Florida

Gutter installation & replacement company servicing Clearwater, Florida

Protect Yourself and Your Family from West Nile Virus with Gutters in Clearwater, Florida

First found in the United States in the late 1990s, the West Nile Virus has spread throughout the United States, including to Clearwater, Florida.  Worse yet, the risk of West Nile Virus is greater in climates that stay warm year-round, such as Florida. The CDC estimates that about 20% of individuals infected by a West Nile Virus mosquito will develop the fever and other symptoms associated with Nest Nile Virus.  The West Nile Virus can be serious, if not deadly, for one out of every 150 people infected with it. Without a current vaccine or cure for West Nile Virus, homeowners in Clearwater, FL should protect themselves as much as possible. However, most homeowners do not realize that with gutter cleaning and gutter installation, the risk of West Nile Virus can be decreased.

Standing water, such as puddles, is one the ways in which mosquitos populate yards. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Floridians are especially at risk for this because of the amount of standing water left after a hurricane. However, rainwater can also linger in yards and around houses byways of damaged gutters or poorly-maintained gutters, which means gutter maintenance and gutter installation in Clearwater, FL is vital. When gutters are clogged with debris, they cannot adequately drain water, resulting in standing water. Pests are attracted to this moist environment, especially mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in the gutters without homeowners ever even knowing. When gutters are old and leaky, puddles are created beneath them. These puddles of standing water again create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. 

Thus, to help protect against the dangers of West Nile Virus transfer through mosquitoes, gutter cleaning and gutter installation are mandatory. Homeowners should regularly monitor gutters to ensure they are not filled with debris that lingers. When gutters become leaky, homeowners should contact a company about gutter installation Clearwater, Florida. Smart Gutters is a leader in gutter installation. With prompt, affordable, and trustworthy service, they will replace your gutters to your satisfaction. Best of all, they will help guard you and your family against the dangers of West Nile Virus through their service.

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