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15 Aug Gutter Installation Dunedin Florida

Gutter installation & replacement company servicing Dunedin, Florida

Gutter Installation & Other Important Home Repairs in Dunedin, Florida

If you recently purchased a home in Dunedin, Florida, you may be surprised by the amount of maintenance you are not required to do. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance and repairs on their property. Consequently, many first-time homeowners are caught off guard by certain essential home repairs. Below are six types of commonly neglected home repairs which can result in costly expenses to the owner.

Air Filters – Air filters on the furnace and air conditioning vents should be replaced about every three months. These filters can become clogged with dust and debris, making them ineffective. The result can be costly damage. Instead, make sure you have back up air filters stored and make a reminder every three months to change them out. 

Water Heaters – Water heaters tend to develop sentiment at the bottom of the heater over time. To clean out the sentiment at the bottom, flush the water heater out with a garden hose. Simply attach the hose to the water heater, open the valve, drain out the water heater. By doing this, a homeowner can avoid replacing a water heater unnecessarily. Replacing a water heater isn’t just expensive, but often requires a licensed contractor or plumber to pull a permit from the town or city.  

Clogged Pipes – Hair, fur, and debris clogs pipes, which leads to water backup. Many homeowners do not realize how easy it is to clean out those clogged pipes. The bottom of the pipe is a “U” shape that becomes unscrewed easily. You do not need a plumber – simply unscrew the twists on both sides to remove the “U”-shaped piping and dispose of any hair, debris or fur.

Smoke Detectors – The importance of a well-functioning smoke detector can not only save a house but also save the individuals living within it. We all likely know to replace batteries when the smoke detector incessantly beeps, but fire detectors themselves should be replaced once every ten years.

Maintain or Replace Gutters – Gutters protect homes from water damage, mold, mildew, and structural damage. Typically, gutters last about 10-15 years, but if not maintained their lifespan can be dramatically cut.  Homeowners should periodically remove debris, leaves, and branches from gutters. If gutters have leaks in the seams, holes in areas, are missing sections, have cracks or are sagging, gutter installation Dunedin, FL may be necessary.  It is important to ensure the gutters are correctly installed. Smart Gutters offers professional gutter installation in Dunedin, Florida to ensure your house is protected from the elements. 

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