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13 Aug Gutter Installation Holiday Florida

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First Time Home Buyers 101s in Holiday, Florida

Part of the American dream is owning a home. No matter where and no matter the size, there is a sense of pride that comes with owning a home that is unparalleled. However, many buyers are wary of buying a home, do not know where to begin or are hearing contradictory advice. First time buyers can be especially vulnerable to faulty advice that can result in consequences that last years. Below are four fundamental rules of buying a home.

Get Qualified – Do not view any homes until you have spoken to lenders and getting prequalified. Until you understand exactly what you can afford, you cannot make informed decisions about what you can and cannot afford.  Once you are prequalified for a certain amount, you can narrow your search, or even postpone it if necessary. 

Be Realistic – Too many first-time home buyers look for the perfect” home. If this home exists somewhere, it is certainly a unicorn. Whatever your ideal home is, you will have to make concessions somewhere. Adjust your expectations to reflect realistic standards that encompass your budget and about 70-75% of your ideals.  

Get Your Own Real Estate Agent – Never use an agent who is also listing the home. While many of such agents will claim they can make the deal go smoother since they know the house and know the sellers, such agents have a conflict of interest because the seller wants the highest price possible, and you want the lowest.  Your priorities cannot be fairly represented. Instead, do your research to find a good agent who has great reviews.

Do Not Be Rushed – Unless you are certain, do not put down an offer on a house. A home is likely going to be your biggest purchase and should not be a decision that it taken lightly. Even if there is pressure because other offers are on the table for the home, do not make the decision before you are ready. If you miss out on a house, there will be plenty more; however, if you buy a house that you are not sure about, the consequences can follow you for years. 

Finally, when you purchase a home, you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the home. For first time homeowners, the amount of maintenance and work can come as quite a shock.  Be prepared for what homeownership means. Gutter maintenance is consistently one of the most neglected chores by owners. With Smart Gutters, gutter installation in Holiday, Florida is so easy that there is no excuse not to have perfectly functioning gutters. Many homeowners fail to realize that without gutter installation, their home is left vulnerable to the elements. The resulting water and structural damage can undermine the value of a home entirely. Thus, do not neglect your gutters. With Smart Gutters, your gutter installation Holiday, FL will protect your home for years to come.

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