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12 Aug Gutter Installation Land O’ Lakes Florida

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Unavoidable Home Repairs in Land O’Lakes, Florida

Land O’Lakes is a slice of suburban heaven: close enough in proximity from some of Florida’s best attractions like beaches, museums, and restaurants and shops, yet far enough from tourist crowds to allow for a quiet, suburban lifestyle.  In Land O’Lakes, homeowners can achieve the best of both worlds. With the majority of residents owning their homes, Land O’Lakes residents must be conscious of the duties and obligations which homeownership demands of them, particularly when it comes to protecting homes from the elements. There are certain home repairs that are often overlooked but can result in irreversible damage, including the following list of unavoidable repairs.

Maintain Window Weep Holes – Sliding and vinyl windows have “weep holes” to the bottom of the frame on the exterior.  The purpose of weep holes is to drain water that would otherwise puddle in the bottom of the frame’s channel. Often, weep holes fill with dust, dirt, and debris. As a result, water accumulates in the channel and overflows, often into a home. In the long term, this can cause mold and rot. To ensure it is functioning properly, pour water down the window and see if the weep hole releases water. If it does not, then it is clogged. Weep holes can easily be cleaned with water pressure, a wire tool (like a wire-hanger or large paperclip), or even compressed air.

Maintain Basement Window Wells – Basement window wells can become filled with dirt, debris, leaves, branches and even dead animals.  If rainfall is heavy enough, these wells can fill with water that cannot drain from the debris, causing basement windows to break in and water to spill into basements.  Homeowners must maintain these wells regularly to ensure they are clean of debris. Homeowners can also go one step further and purchase awnings for these windows, which house the wells completely from water and debris. 

Maintain GuttersGutter installation in Land O’Lakes, Florida is often forgotten but should be maintained. When gutters and downspouts fail to properly drain water away from the house, a home’s foundation is left vulnerable. Water can also cause rot and mold to develop throughout the walls of a home. Thus, check to make sure your gutters are functioning properly. Sometimes, gutters build up with debris, dirt, leaves, branches or even dead animals and can be cleaned. However, if gutters have holes, sagging or fail to stay upright, then new gutters are necessary. Fortunately, Smart Gutters works tirelessly to ensure professional, fast and effective gutter installation Land O’Lakes, FL. With such a simple process, there is no excuse not to have gutter replaced!

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