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16 Aug Gutter Installation Safety Harbor Florida

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Steps after a Hurricane in Safety Harbor, Florida

After Hurricane Irma blew through Safety Harbor, Florida in 2017, the effects could be felt everywhere.  Though most homeowners did not suffer significant property damage, power was lost by approximately 75% of Pinellas country homeowners and residents. Most Floridians already know what to do to prepare a storm. However, there is also a clear procedure of what should be done after a hurricane. 

Returning Home – If you were forced to evacuate during a hurricane, do not return home until it is safe to do so. Once the local authorities indicate it is okay to return home, come back strategically. If the roads are still filled with debris from the storm, you may wish to wait another few days before returning home to ensure safe travel and avoid traffic.

Safety First – Never touch any powerlines that are down, especially if such powerlines are near puddles or other moist areas. Gas lines may also have been severely damaged during a storm, so return to your home with caution. If you ever begin to feel nauseated or faint, leave immediately and contact your local utility company. Be cautious of dangerous debris, such as broken glass and downed trees. If you have little ones, it is especially important to monitor them to make sure they don’t injure themselves. This also means that if a home is not safe for you to return to, call your insurance agent to see about alternative housing options. 

Expenses – File a claim with your insurance company before making any kind of large and permanent repairs. The insurance claim will likely entail a visit from an agent to check out the damage. In addition, be sure to keep track of all of your expense receipts and insurance paperwork. Have a copy off all the documents you receive backed up online.

Inventory of Property – Keep an inventory of all personal items that were damaged. The inventory should include information about the date the item was purchased or the item’s age, the price, the manufacturer and brand of the item and a description of the item. Catalog the damage with photographs or video.

Repairs – Whether your home was severely damaged, or left relatively unscathed, you should check the premises for damage. Damage is not often obvious at first. For example, damage to gutters from strong winds and falling debris may not be obvious until rainfall. If gutter installation Safety Harbor, FL is necessary, do not procrastinate or delay it. As with other protectionist structures, gutter installation will safeguard a home from further water damage. Homes without gutters are left vulnerable to water damage that can cause mold, mildew, rot and even structural damage.  If unsure whether total replacement is necessary, contact Smart Gutters about gutter installation in Safety Harbor, Florida. Their experts will evaluate the existing gutters and assist in whatever steps are necessary to remedy the gutters.

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