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16 Aug Gutter Installation Saint Petersburg Florida

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Preventing Water Damage in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Saint Petersburg, FL gets about 13 more inches of rain than the average city or town in the United States.  However, water damage does not just come from the outdoors, but can also be the result of an indoor problem. Thus, homeowners should be vigilant in making sure their most valuable asset is safeguarded from the havoc water damage can cause. Below is a list of simple ways homeowners can protect against water damage before the damage becomes costly and irreversible. 

Preventative Measures – Investigating leaks as soon as noticed, no matter how small the leaks may be, is the best way of catching the problem before it becomes a major home repair.  First, monitor your water bill for any drastic increases, which can be indicative of an unknown leak. Homeowners can do this by being on the lookout for the appearance or smells of mold, mildew or moisture.  Once a leak is found, be sure to fix it quickly and professionally to prevent the leak from coming back.

Water Detection Devices – Homeowners can also install devices which issue an alarm when placed in contact with moisture.  These water detective devices are ideal for placement by water heaters, washing machines, toilets, dishwashers, and pumps. These devices can monitor for water damage and alert you to even small leaks. 

Washing Machine Hoses – With age, washing machine hoses become brittle and may leak. To prevent this from happening, simply replace your washing machine hose on a regular basis. This easy, cheap fix can save you from the damage of leaks, and prevent water waste.

Water Pressure – When water pressure at a home is too great for pumps to handle, hoses and pipes can leak from the pressure.  When these hoses and pipes are not in visible areas, a homeowner can be ignorant of the damage until it is too late. To ensure your water pressure is not too high, simply purchase a pressure gauge at any hardware or home improvement store. Follow the directions on the package to check your water pressure. This typically involves connecting the gauge on the faucet and turning on the faucet completely. Normally, water pressure at residential homes should be between 40 to 70 ps. If it is greater than this, then you may need to inquire about installing a pressure regulator. 

Maintain and Replace Gutters – When gutters are not maintained, water easily flows into a home through tiny cracks and crevices. This leads to mold, mildew, rot and structural damage.  Thus, gutters should be properly cleaned and maintained. However, gutter installation in Florida is imperative if the gutters allow leaks from holes, rust, missing pieces, sagging and cracks. Older homes are especially vulnerable to poorly functioning gutters. To avoid irrevocable damage from old and broken gutters, do not delay gutter installation Saint Petersburg, FL. While gutter installation in Saint Petersburg, Florida may seem like a headache, the experts at Smart Gutters can make the process as seamless as your new gutters will be. Best of all, gutter installation will save you thousands of dollars of prevented water damage.

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