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Maintaining Safety During a Hurricane in Tarpon Springs, FL

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Maintaining Safety During a Hurricane in Tarpon Springs, FL

Tarpon, Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. With chronic flooding and strong winds felt almost every hurricane season, Tarpon residents are well acquainted with the damage brought about by hurricanes.  Of course, if mandated by the authorities, residents should evacuate the area. However, if residents choose to stay or if the storm is not severe enough to warrant evacuation, residents take several steps to ensure the safety of themselves, their families and neighbors during a storm.  

First, find a safe room inside the house to weather the storm through. This room should be an interior room without windows, ski-lights or glass doors. If possible, the room should be on the first floor or lower level of a home.  However, if your home is at risk of flooding, choose a room that is elevated. Typically, the safe rooms are closets or bathrooms. While not the most comfortable, these rooms can keep you and your loved ones safe during a storm. This means that residents should also avoid going outside until the storm clears the area. 

Second, residents should be cautious of electrical damage. Tarpon is at major risk of flooding. When flooding is a risk, so is injury or death from electrical damage. Residents should turn off their electricity at the main breakers in the home.  If the area is not at a flood risk but power has been lost, turning off major appliances will lessen the damage. This means residents should turn off air conditioners, water heaters, and other major appliances. Residents also should avoid using electrical devices and appliances, such as computers, ovens, and stoves. Do not shower or bathe during a storm. 

Finally, once the storm has passed, evaluate the damage to your home.  In the chaos of the storm, it is easy to neglect certain home repairs and maintenance, especially if the homeowner feels like he or she was lucky not to have greater damage. For example, strong winds and falling debris make irrevocably damage gutters or downspouts. If gutter installation Tarpon Springs, Florida is required, homeowners should act as soon as possible to prevent further water damage. Gutters are crucial in preventing water from entering a home through cracks and crevices, which causes mold, mildew, rotting and can even damage the structural integrity of a home. If gutters are damaged beyond repair, gutter installation should be a priority fix. Smart Gutters knows that after a hurricane, the disorder is natural.  Fortunately, the experts at Smart Gutters are professionals in their field and have extensive experience in gutter installation in Tarpon Springs, FL. These experts will guide homeowners through the process, alleviating the burden of yet another repair.

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