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Gutter Cleaning Clearwater Florida

Cleaning Your Gutters or Risking Your Life?

Gutter Cleaning services for Clearwater Florida

Homeowners often take pride in doing projects for their homes independently. Thus, if you are a Do-It-Yourself homeowner, hiring a professional to do your gutter cleaning in Clearwater, Florida can seem like a waste of money. However, budgeting for a professional gutter cleaning Clearwater, FL can be one of the smartest investments you have ever made.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that approximately 165,000 individuals each year seek medical attention for falls and ladder injuries. However, thousands more experience falls that result in less-serious injuries, not requiring medical attention. Of those who sought medical treatment, about 10% of injured individuals required a hospital stay or hospital transfer.  Most commonly, the injuries included bone fractures and lacerations. Home accidents accounted for 97% of all ladder falls requiring medical attention from in cases where the individual reported the place of the injury. More importantly, falls continue to be the greatest cause of fetal injuries at home.

Moreover, the risks associated with gutter cleaning increase with the age of the homeowner. Individuals over 65 have a greater risk of injury from gutter cleaning. The statistics are clear: individuals over the age of 65 accounted for half of all fatal falls from ladders.  Approximately 16% of individuals taken to Emergency Rooms for ladder falls are people who fall into the 65 years or older category. Of these individuals, 39% resulted in prolonged hospitalizations.

Most projects homeowners takes on within their homes do not gamble with their safety and lives. Gutter cleaning is an exception to this. Gutter cleaning should be left to the experts who are trained in safety procedures. Experts for gutter cleaning possess the necessary equipment to ensure safety on the job.  Do not gamble with your life or your safety – leave the headache and risks of gutter cleaning to the experts!

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