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Sunsetter Retractable Awnings

The Top Features to Look for in Sunsetter Retractable Awnings

If you like to sit in the cool shade on a quality patio or deck in the spring and summer, then retractable awnings might be the best thing you can do for your house. They are a terrific purchase for outdoor comfort and put the control in your hand with their retract technology, adjustable angles, and many colors and cassette options.

This guide will highlight the essential features to look for in your first Sunsetter retractable awnings, including the materials and weather resistance considerations, the difference between motorized and manual awnings, the option of size and customization, and various components of aesthetics and style.

Read on and learn how to pick the best retractable awnings today.

Durability and Construction

Colorful Retractable Awnings

Quality Materials

Retractable awnings tend to last longer than traditional awnings because they are protected a lot of the time due to their retractable screens. But to ensure that the materials last as long as possible, consider purchasing high-quality materials such as aluminum frames and UV-resistant fabrics.

Weather Resistance

Sunsetter awnings are outside all year round, so weather resistance should pervade their construction. Features such as rust-proof components and waterproof woven acrylic fabric will set you right, especially for the rainy seasons ahead.

Warranty and Guarantee

When buying from the reputable company of your choice, it’s wise to inspect the warranty coverage. It’s good to seek the best deal in this regard, as a pragmatic warranty can give you the assurance you need and the option for re-jigging the process in case of unexpected hiccups, such as special issues and other unforeseen things.

Ease of Operation

Manual Sunsetter Retractable Awnings

Motorized vs. Manual

If you want the easiest option, well, it isn’t entirely as black and white, unfortunately. A Sunsetter motorized awning is easier to use once installed but needs professionals to do the latter since it involves motor repair.

This means labor costs on top of the cost of awnings, but retracting and extending a Sunsetter motorized awning is easy and luxurious once done. Also, bear in mind that if there are technical issues, you will need a professional hand once again.

Manual awnings require the homeowner to physically extend and retract them but are easy to install and maintain without a technician.

Remote Control and Smart Integration

You may also wish to consider the services of smart integration to control your retractable awning. Traditionally, a Sunsetter awning like this would have come with a remote control, which is convenient in and of itself, but the smart integration features that many companies offer as one of their package options mean that you will be able to control the awning with a mobile app.

Size and Coverage

sunshutter in house

Measuring Your Space

Before purchasing the product, you should measure your outdoor space accurately. To do this, you can measure the width of the wall with measuring tape. Go straight across the gutters.

Pretend they’re not there, as awnings come with brackets that will position the awning in front of them. It’s imperative to know how much space you’re working with, as this will determine the coverage of your awning.


Also, consider the customization options, particularly in terms of size. You won’t be happy if you select an awning model that doesn’t fit your patio or outdoor living space.

Do some research to match the Sunsetter product to your location by measuring it out first and in consultation with the company you choose for installation. Also, think about your shading needs.

Then, you can think about more pleasant aspects of the order, such as style and color. They generally come in various options, each of which could be a great aesthetic addition to your patio or deck. Cream, white, or navy blue, your Sunsetter products can be what you choose!

UV Protection and Sun Control

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Sunsetter products have UV protection, preventing sunburn and fading outdoor furniture.

Adjustable Pitch

Having an adjustable pitch model puts more control into your hands. It’s especially important if you live in a location where the hot sun is inconsistent so that you can keep catching it. An adjustable pitch is designed to change the angle of your Sunsetter awnings with the sun’s position and rain runoff.

Aesthetics and Style

Awnings can add a lot of ambiance to your outdoor living space. There is such variety that the color you choose can even improve the aesthetics of your home. In that spirit, look at the color of your house. Houses are a variety of colors, and you should stick with a complementary palette to maintain your curb appeal.

There are some dos and don’ts. For example, if your house is red, stay away from blue or green and vice versa. Contrastingly, a white awning can compliment a red-bricked house. If your house is gray, brown awnings can make your property pop. It’s an elegant look.

Cassette Design

The cassette is the part that your awning retracts into; its role is to protect it from rain, mud, debris, and other materials that will cover it over time. Naturally, there are a few options.

Full Cassette

Full-cassette products are made to protect the fabric, lateral arm, awning roller mechanism, and everything in between. When closed, the entire awning is completely covered, and the lateral arm will fold inside. The aesthetic result is neat and tidy.


The semi-cassette Sunsetter series gives the awning parts a partial covering. If you live in a property with a sheltered outdoors, then this might be better for you. These aren’t as expensive as full cassette awnings.

Open Awnings

Open awnings are also available if you have a strict budget, significant wall projections, balcony ceilings, or other protective elements. Open awnings may be able to save money, but they still protect against harmful UV rays and precipitation.

Choosing the Perfect Sunsetter Retractable Awning for Your Home

In summary, several components are involved in your decision to buy Sunsetter products. The key consideration is space and budget, and this should come before all else, as this determines the plausibility and mechanics involved in the process. Budget can be managed by picking saver options, such as open awnings.

This, followed by careful consideration of what’s available, crossed with your preferences and budget, will guide you to finding the right combination of features for your outdoor space. Above all, make an informed decision.

If you want further expert tips on managing, optimizing, and beautifying your outdoor space, look no further than our team. We’ve been on the ball for a long time and know a thing or two about all three subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Sunsetter retractable awnings typically last?

With the right amount of care and focus on durability and weather resistance, your Sunsetter awning should last over 20 years.

Are Sunsetter awnings suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Given the wide variety of Sunsetter awnings on offer and the versatility of their construction, awnings can suit residential and commercial settings. Remember to incorporate your brand into the mix and get one that accompanies your aesthetics.

What is the installation process like for Sunsetter retractable awnings?

If you get it done professionally, it can take as little as two hours. Done in a DIY fashion, and it might take longer. It depends on the expertise level of the contractor or the homeowner.

Can I add accessories like lighting or heaters to my Sunsetter awning?

It depends on the design of the patio awning. Lights can only be hung from the back bar. Heaters are a different matter. The fabrics of an awning might not be built to handle the heat. You can have heaters around it, but make sure to retract the patio awning when the heater is in use.

Are there any maintenance requirements for Sunsetter retractable awnings?

Yes, it’s beneficial to dust the awning fabric regularly. You can do this by brushing or vacuuming. Follow this up by spraying with water and mild soap while brushing gently. Then rinse it off to remove the soap.

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