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Old Methods of Gutter Installation Compared With Newer Methods

Gutter installation has changed dramatically over the years. The products available now are strong, durable, and do an excellent job of keeping water away from your foundation. If your gutters are showing signs of age, you may wonder if replacing your traditional sectional gutters with the newer seamless variety is worthwhile.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Fewer points that need joining mean a stronger structure. Seamless gutters are joined only at the corners, while sectional gutters will have several joining pieces along each side of the home. Each of those seams adds weakness to the gutter.

Vinyl is a popular material choice for sectioned gutters. It became popular because it doesn’t rust or need to be painted. However, vinyl gutters are not very durable. They can sustain structural damage from heavy storms and develop cracks from temperature swings, intense heat or cold, or other extreme weather.

Seamless gutters are made from aluminum, zinc, painted steel, or copper, which are durable materials that require little maintenance. With an average lifespan of over 20 years, seamless gutters work well for homeowners looking for long-lasting, low-maintenance, effective options.

Installation Process

Seamless gutters are manufactured onsite. The gutters are made to fit your home’s measurements so they can be installed in single runs along each side of the house. The gutter installation crew will have a forming machine they use to fabricate the gutters before installation. At each corner, a miter cut is used to create an exact fit. The edges of each gutter are screwed together and coated with a silicone protectant.

Are Seamless Gutters Worth It?

The price of seamless gutters is typically comparable to that of sectioned gutters. While sectioned gutters seem to cost less, once the added cost of labor and materials used during installation is included, the costs even out.

Seamless gutters provide a long-life of maintenance-free results. If your gutters aren’t working properly, it affects your entire house. Water that doesn’t drain away from your foundation can flood the crawlspace, wash away the soil that is supporting the structure, and lead to cracks and shifting of the foundation.

Problems higher up can create issues as well. When your gutters get clogged, either due to structural issues or because they are full of debris, the water that pools in the gutter can lead to multiple issues. Initially, it can rot the soffit, which will need to be replaced when having new gutters installed. It can also force water into the roof, damaging the roof and causing leaks inside the home.

Problems with your gutters can affect others as well. Water that doesn’t run off the way that it was designed can undermine sidewalks, causing cracks and buckling, or drain into your neighbor’s yard, creating headaches for them.

There are a few ways to recognize problems with your gutters. If they are pulling away from the house, there is probably debris in that area, weighing the gutter down. During a rainstorm, water should come out of the downspout in a way that makes sense. If it is pouring the rain, and water is barely dripping from the downspout, there is a problem somewhere in the gutter system. If you see water pouring over the edge of the gutter in a particular area, something is preventing it from running the length of the gutter.

If you think your gutters are not working properly, get in touch with Smart Gutters FL. They can take a look at your gutters and determine if they need replaced or if a good cleaning will do the trick.

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